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Virtual slots make for a quick and convenient way to get your slots gambling fix without ever having to leave your home or office. Online slot machines and online casino gambling in general is becoming more and more popular among gamblers. No longer do you need to hop on a plane, book hotels and incur the expenses associated with a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City when you need to fulfill a gambling fix.

A common question asked by many new comers to virtual slot gambling is what the main differences are between slots online and those at land based casinos. There are several advantages to playing slots at online casinos; You can access them 24/7 all year round from anywhere in the world, they are safe, secure and offer, through regulated private testing agencies, the use of RNG’s (Random Number Generators). RNG’s ensure that the payout’s are always fair and adhere to strict online gambling regulations. In general the number and variety of slot machines at online casinos exceeds that of what you'd find at land based casinos. Virtual slots allow you to play all the same types of slots including 3 reel single- pay line, 5 reel 9-pay line video slots and progressives.

Although there aren’t too many negatives to playing online slot machines, being a gambler myself, the one I emphasize to online gambling newbies is the lack of atmosphere at a virtual casino in comparison to a land-based casino. Even though online casinos simulate background noise, sounds, and music that you'd here at a Las Vegas casino they lack the overall feel and thrill of being there physically. For many gamblers, including myself, this is a minor detail, and ultimately the thrill comes from winning, not necessarily who or what's around you.

The goal of this site,, is to provide you the user with the best possible information on online slot machine gambling and resources on land based casino slots, purchasing slot machines and more. You'll notice in the navigation that you have several options and sections you can surf, including our slots dictionary, slot machine types, tips, advice on free games to play directly linked from our site, game downloads and much more.

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