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Slots seem to breed myths more than any other casino game. That's probably because players have so little control over what happens. These inscrutable inner workings of the machine only add to the mystery and myths. Listed below are some of the myths oriented around slot machine gambling. Some of the tips below are applicable to both land based casinos and virtual casinos, some just for land based casinos. Myth: A slot that hasn't paid in a while is due to hit

A slot that hasn't paid in a while is probably tight and certainly not "due" to hit. The RNG picks numbers at random and the probability of hitting a jackpot is always the same for every spin. For the same reason, a slot that just hit a jackpot is now no less "due" or more "played out" than it was the spin before. A loose slot is a loose slot.

Myth: Someone played my machine and stole my jackpot

It happens all the time. A slot player steps away from a machine for a short break and returns to find another player grinning ear-to-ear having just won a major jackpot on that very machine. If the first player had stayed he/she would have won the jackpot Right? Actually no. The second player just happened to push the spin button the exact moment when a jackpot was on the RNG. A millisecond more or less would have produced a different result. It is highly unlikely that the first player would have pushed the button at the exact same instant. In fact, two or three jackpots may have passed them by when they were scratching their head or sipping a drink

Myth: I was one stop away from a big jackpot

Your heart skips a beat when the symbols almost line up, but not quite. Were you close? It may look that way, but there is no such thing as close for the RNG. The actual number that generated the sequence may have been hundreds, thousands, or even millions of numbers away from the nearly identical jackpot sequence. You were no closer or farther this time than the last time.

Myth: Playing faster increases my chance of winning

Playing faster and spending more increases the effect of the house edge and makes you lose more. The chance of winning on each spin is not affected by the speed of play.

Myth: Slots are looser at certain times of the day or week

Casinos can't change the way their slots pay out without changing the slot. The payback percentage is set at the factory. There is no switch or computer program that tightens or loosens a slot at a specific time or day of the week.

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