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Playing progressive slots weather it being at a conventional land based casino or online offers the ultimate rush. Spotting progressive machines on the casino floor at land-based casinos is relatively simple. All you have to do is look for the bright, neon tickers that display the jackpot value and are continually going up. In general, these are located above the machines, so make sure you're looking up. They are a good play over conventional slots, as the jackpots can get really high. Because of the immediate success of progressives at land-based casinos, today you can also find progressive slots online. Land-based casino progressives and online casino progressives work very much the same way, but perhaps a little more difficult to find thanks to all the crap out there on the internet these days. In general online casino sites that offer progressives will usually have some sort of display on their homepage or a live ticker even at times where the numbers are increasing. From there, it's very easy to locate them on the site.

Your next question you're probably want to ask is how these progressives work online? At casinos operated by the same software providers, all progressives are hooked up to one jackpot, which increase with each play by a fraction of what is put into the machines. Naturally, the longer you play the more you can win, of course that is if nobody beats you to it. The jackpot keeps accumulating and growing until a lucky player hits it, at which point it goes back to a pre-set starting value. It can be frustrating and disappointing at times to see the ticker value drop, especially if you were one of the other players playing at the time.

Handling Jackpots in Land-Based Casinos:

Jackpots above a certain level are paid by a slot host. If you hit a big jackpot, don't play the machine again and don't wander away. Stay right there until a host arrives and verifies your win. Have your I.D. ready because the host will ask to see it. If you look young be prepared for scrutiny. Underage and unidentified gamblers will not be paid.

Even if the win doesn't require a host, be careful when you're ahead. Don't step away from the machine and leave money in the tray. Don't be distracted or turn your back. Slots areas can be loud and confusing. It takes just a moment for a thief to steal coins or a purse while you're helping someone, possibly a confederate, who is loudly in distress.

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