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The reel spins on all slot machines are controlled by a computer chip embedded within the internal components of the slot machine at land-based casinos or a computer program at virtual casinos called a Random Number Generator (RNG). It makes absolutely no difference if you pull the handle, push the button, or insert one or five coins - The RNG will control the entire reel outcome. When a casino orders a slot machine, it tells the manufacturer what percentage it wants that specific machine to pay back, and that amount is then programmed into the RNG. The casino can change the payback percentage, but in order to do so, it must go back to the manufacturer to get a new RNG programmed with the new amount. In addition, paperwork must be filed with the state commission, listing serial numbers, dates, and lots of other information. For these reasons, most casinos seldom change their payback percentages. RNG's are programmed to produce higher numbers of stops, reels, and symbols on the progressive jackpot machines than on the regular or non-progressive machines. Because of this, you're better off concentrating on a regular machine.
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