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Online Slots - Getting your gambling fix will no longer require you to hop on a plane, make hotel reservations or deal with any of the hassles associated with planning a gambling getaway. The conveniences of online casinos allow gaming enthusiasts to play their favorite single line, 9 line slots, and a wide range of other exciting casino games without ever having to leave home.

Casino Slots - On average, slot machines in land- based casinos account for about 70% of the casinos revenue and thus you'll always see more slots in casinos then any other game. Today's slot machines are a lot more advanced then Charles Fey probably could've ever imagined. For several years now casinos have also offered video slots, which operate on the same principals as the old 3 reel machines, but video slot machines can offer a number of different slot games on the same machine.

Progressive Slot Machines - Some slots both at land-based and virtual casinos are tied to banks or carousels of machines that are networked between the machines in the particular casino and several other affiliated casinos. So when one coin is played the jackpot value of all the machines in that carousel or networked hive increases. Progressive jackpots range in value and can be anywhere from $1000 to a couple of million dollars depending on the network and game you're playing.

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