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When playing slots at a casino there are a few varieties of machines available to players. These include:

One-Line, Three Reel Machines
Three-Line, Three Reel Machines
Five-Line, Three Reel Machines
Nine-Line, Five Reel Machines
Low Level Machines
Stand Up Machines
Pay for Play
High Tech Machines
Video Slot Machines

One-Line, Three Reel Machines

Let's start with the traditional one-line three-reel machine. This modern version of the slot machine that was invented by Charles Fey more than 100 years ago is quickly fading away. To win the prize on this type of machine you must line up the symbols properly on one pay line.

Three-Line, Three Reel Machines

With this type of slot, you win by lining up the proper symbols on any of three lines. The payoffs are geared proportionately. This means that the same symbols that would win you 20 coins on a one line, three reel machine would only pay ten coins on the first line, 20 on the second line, and 40 on the third line. Note: it takes additional coins to play the three-line machines.

Five Line, Three Reel Machines

This slot pays off on three lines as well as diagonally in a criss-cross fashion. Thus, you have a five-line play. The payoff schedules are set in fixed proportions to the number of coins played.

Nine Line, Five Reel Machines

These machines have 5 spinning reels marked with symbols. Each time a spin is made, the five reels come to rest randomly with a selection of 3 symbols per reel showing in the game window. The payoff schedules are set in fixed proportions to the number of coins played. 9-Line Slot machines operate like video slot machines found in casinos throughout the world.

Low-Level Machines

Low-level, or sit-down, machines are just that - they have a built-in chair, enabling you to sit comfortably with the machine at elbow level. You will often find similar types of low-level machines at the bars in the casino. These machines come in all the same standard types: one-line, three-line and five-line.

Stand-up Machines

You can either sit on a stool or stand to play stand-up machines. These slots work in the same way as the low-level machines. The more coins you insert, the larger the number of active lines, and the higher the payout.

Pay for Play

One slot that sometimes confounds the novice player is the pay-for-play type, or full coin play. This is a good example of why you should always read the payout instructions before inserting coins. You need to know exactly what you're doing. Generally speaking, there are two types of pay-for-play machines. On one type of machine, you simply insert one coin, and you only qualify for the wins associated with that coin. In other words, one coin will allow you to win one line. Then you insert a second coin, you qualify for both the first and second coin wins, or the first and second lines. The final coin allows you to cash in on any winning lines. The other type of pay-for-play machine allows a bigger return on a win for each additional coin inserted. For example, if a winnings combination of symbols occurs with three coins, the payout will be three times as much as it would with one coin. You will often see a confused-looking player with three sevens on the line and nothing in the tray because he only played one coin. So remember, it pays to read the machine payout chart.

High-Tech Machines

High-tech machines are only different from other slots in appearance: they might have more bells and whistles, but they pay out about the same. The difference with these is that they cater to the specific preference of the player. The novelty of an Elvis Presley or a Star Wars machine is quite an interesting development, and they do appeal to a wide audience. Payoffs are all pretty much the same on a percentage basis, ranging anywhere from the low of 75 percent (which Nevada law requires) to the upper 90-percent range, which competition forces on casinos.

Video Slot Machine

In general a video slot machine is known by its multi reel and usually shows 15 images on your screen. A standard video slot machine would be a 5 Reel Slots with 5 or 9 pay lines and an extra bonus game. The bonus game will display in its own a video game. Compared to a regular Reel Slots game, the video game takes longer. Especially when you are playing the video game of course. On the other hand, with 5 or 9 pay lines the maximum bet can become very large. When you play on a progressive jackpot machine a maximum bet is always required to be able to win the jackpot.

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