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Loose Slot Machine Definition:

Loose Slot Machine Definition: A loose slot machine is one that pays out more often than others, which are known as tight machines. But the terms loose and tight can be very subjective. One machine can be loose for a given period of time, and later it might be tight. Some (loose) machines are set to a 98 percent return of what’s played in, whereas others (tight) are set at an 80 percent return.

Finding the Loose Ones Online:

Due to the fact that you can not see what other players are winning and losing when you're playing at virtual casinos it's harder to analyze and determine which slot machines are loose and which ones are tight while playing online. In general, and as an inside tip, “Microgaming 9 Pay Line Slots” and “Playtech Progressives” are among the most loose slots you can play when gambling online.

Loose Slots in Las Vegas and BLand Based Casinos:

Today you can go on the Internet and find a lot of information on slot returns and where the loose machines can be located. There are also newsletters and monthly magazines that list slot machine payout percentages by state, area and in some cases the individual casino. “Casino Player” and “Strictly Slots Magazines” each publish a list of slot payout results every month, and even have special annual reports on slot payout's for the entire United States and some Canadian gambling areas. My advice is to obtain this valuable information and use it when considering where you want to play the slots.

An important detail for you to know is that all gambling income, for you and for the casinos is subject to taxes (when playing at a U.S. based land-based casino ... NOT APPLICABLE FOR ONLINE WINNINGS). Therefore, slot returns are considered public information in most cases.

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