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Although video slot machines are pretty rare to come by unless you're a mainstream casino operator and you're making direct purchases form IGT or Bally's they are still available for sale to smaller buyers. Below we've listed a few online resources which provide video slot machines to non-gaming licensed buyers. Most of these sites are not e-commerce enabled and you won't be able to make purchases for slot machines online. They are still good video slot machine resources.

Cherry Master Pro - In business, developing video slot games since 1972, Cherry Master Pro gives maximum attention to construction detail when building their table top units. They build the best-built Cherry Master games in the industry at the most competitive prices in the industry. If you are interested in high quality construction and games, then they are your source.

EII Slots is the leading casino equipment dealer for new and used slot machines and gaming equipment. Whether you're buying new slots, selling used slot machines, or leasing casino equipment, EII Slots is your casinos one-stop-shop.

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